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No Matter What

Have to come to this
After all we've been through
Two of a pair
Now on opposite sides
From the very start
With honor we duel
Watch each others back and we battle with pride

We are closer than brothers
Now we have to fight each other
And we trust our faith to the heart of the cards

No matter what!
Let the game begin
No matter what!
Let the best man win
No matter what!
We're in this together
No matter what!
We'll be friends forever

No matter what...
It's been you and me
Hanging out playing games
Didn't ever think it would get this hard
Time's running out
And there's so much at stake
Everything riding on a turn of a card

We'll show them what we're made of
And we fight for the one we love
And we'll be friends till the very end

No matter what!

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